We are now in the deep, dark days of winter. The wind is biting. The roads are icy. You are coming off weeks of drinking, couch surfing, and eating treats – perhaps even your body weight in Turtles.

You resolved to run more (or “get back into it”). You’ve gotten out a few days, but it’s hard with the cold, snow and wind. And now along comes January 19th, AKA, Quitting Day, the day you quit your New Year’s Resolution.

But these are the days that will define you – and your season. This is when you show your grit!

If you can pull yourself from the warmth of the bed, put on your heaviest running tights, face into the wind, and get one foot in front of the other, you can maintain the momentum that will take you to the spring race starting line fit and healthy.

And although it doesn’t feel like it, spring will be here soon. And when it does, you will be ready.

As the training days get longer and warmer, and your fellow runners are just beginning to move their bodies into the streets to build their base mileage up, you will be progressing into your speed training phase. Yes, you will be peaking while your competitors are building.

And that is what running in winter is all about. Developing good habits and building your base so you are ahead of the pack come race season.

To that end, visit our coaching page for a few race schedules to set you up for a killer season, and a killer habit of getting out the door.

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